Indian Creek Cemetery

Comanche County, Texas

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Gafford, Alvin Spencer 02-15-1901     05-09-1975 Reverend, husband of Lucille; son of David and Lela
Gafford, David Judson 09-03-1872     10-29-1957 husband of Lela C., son of John and Julia
Gafford, John R. 03-23-1843     02-12-1911 husband of Julia H.
Gafford, Julia Hawes 04-06-1844     02-20-1935 wife of John R.; dau of David and Priscilla Lyster
Gafford, Lela Caroline 02-22-1883     11-07-1948 wife of David J., dau of James Martin and Margaret Barcroft McGuire
Gafford, Laura Lucille 09-09-1903     07-01-2004 wife of Alvin S; dau of Durwood and Mary Alice Richey Pettijohn
Goodlett, Oletha Veda 08-11-1903     01-14-1971  daughter of Joseph A. "Joe" and Emily Josephine Coker Jones; may be mother of Roy Goodlett
Griggs, Dora May 05-09-1903     04-24-1903  
Harris, Oscar Frank 06-21-1914     01-19-1987 “PFC US Army WWII”
Harrison, Emeline 12-30-1830     01-29-1886  
Hart, Ella 1904     0000 wife of Tom C.
Hart, Tom C. 1897     1959  husband of Ella
Haynie, Amie J. 03-17-1892     06-23-1970 wife of Macon, dau of JH and Eldona McGuire Bowman. Middle name was Jewel.
Haynie, Macon H. 1893     1977 husband of (1) Amie J. and (2) Inez Bowman. Retired Fire Chief of Santa Barbara, California
Hicks, Baby Ray born and died 1922  
Hicks, D. M. “Dock” 1868     1925 husband of Ida, son of James Jarrett Hicks and Sarah Ann Redwine, brother of Lee
Hicks, Ida 02-12-1875     01-21-1914 wife of D M
Hicks, J. J. 02-20-1912     03-21-1983  
Hicks, Josie 01-15-1877     10-19-1925 wife of W L
Hicks, Juel 01-12-1895     06-14-1914 son of J W and Ollie
Hicks, Lee 1863     1947 son of James Jarrett and Sarah Redwine, brother of D. M.
Hicks, Lillie Mae 01-01-1911     08-13-1997 wife of J. J., maiden name was Creek
Hicks, Raymon Dale 03-21-1931     05-13-2017 son of J.J. and Lillie Mae
Holcomb, Infant born and died 02-01-1899 “Budded on earth to bloom in heaven”, child of C W and M E
Holcomb, Isla J. 12-06-1891     04-16-1892 dau of W T and S F
Holcomb, Julia 03-13-1882     01-06-1902  
Holcomb, M. S. 08-12-1847     10-20-1927 wife of T. H., name was Martha S. E. Coker, dau of M O and Elizabeth McGuire Coker
Holcomb, Mary A. 02-09-1888     11-27-1890  dau of W T and S F
Holcomb, Mamie 09-24-1886     01-31-1887  “Budded on earth to bloom in heaven”
Holcomb, T. H. 01-02-1836     03-11-1915 husband of M. S., Christian name was Thomas Haynes, son of Absalom and Caroline Smith Holcomb
Howell, Homer Earl 1907     1908 son of F M and Parkey
Howington, Doyle Max 1936     1936 son of H P and Grace
Huff, Audry 03-28-1907     04-30-1912 son of W T and A
Huff, Little W. T. 01-06-1917     03-29-1918  son of W T and Ada
Isham, Alice Lorraine 01-13-1926     03-28-1998 wife of Edward Eugene
Isham, David Euell 1920     1977  “Pvt US Army WWII”
Isham, David H.
1881     1956
husband of Nettie C.
Isham, Edward Eugene
10-28-1924     09-08-2014
husband of Alice Lorraine
Isham, Nettie C. 1884     1938 wife of David H., dau of Joseph W. and P.A.R.E. Fagan Coker
Isham, Otho O. 12-28-1905     10-02-1981  
Isham, Vada Mae 11-12-1922     09-23-1977  
Isom, Cleo Franklin 04-24-1912     00-00-0000 wife of Mattie, dau of Charles S and Cleopatra Isom
Isom, Mattie 12-31-1894     09-30-1921 husband of Cleo
Jackson, Harold Hurst 04-04-1913     08-01-1915  
Johnson, I. C. 00-00-0000     00-00-0000  
Johnson, I. T. 00-00-0000     00-00-0000  
Johnson, Tom C. born and died 1943  
Jones, Emily J. 02-24-1874     03-10-1932 wife of J A, dau of Robert C. and Mary Hardin Coker, middle name was Josephine
Jones, Joe A 1871     1969 husband of Emily J
Jones, L. B. 07-05-1851     01-16-1927 wife of E S
Jones, Sophia 1875     1968  
Kearney, Lillie Ann 02-24-1883     10-19-1968 dau of William Blue and Mary Ellen Bruce Kearney
Kearney, Mary Ellen 10-02-1857     06-20-1945 wife of Wm B, dau of J C and Sarah Bruce
Kearney, William Blue 01-20-1850     03-05-1937 husband of Mary E.
Kemp, J. F. 06-28-1851     12-29-1911  
Kimmel, Eddie Lee 08-16-1949     07-14-2018 husband of Kathy; father of Justin and Jodie; son of John T. and Emma Kimmel.
Ladd, Alba N. 03-20-1884     12-31-1970 wife of Theodore K
Ladd, Theodore K. 07-15-1876     01-01-1934 husband of Alba
Lane, Mattie A. 06-06-1858     02-19-1919 wife of William Lee
Lane, William Lee 05-08-1862     07-14-1940 husband of Mattie A
Laurence, Infant born and died 05-12-1894 son of R S and N E
Lintz, Alta Bell 12-30-1901     06-18-1999  dau of Thomas H and Anna Bell Tuggle
Love, Bob 1882     1969  
Love, Dale 08-28-1944     08-29-1944  
Love, Dee 06-05-1912     01-10-1982 husband of Evelyn
Love, Evelyn 06-28-1917     10-18-1982 wife of Dee, dau of William Andrew and Alfha Williams Bowman
Love, Gale 08-28-1944     08-29-1944  
Love, Hattie 1884     1960  
Love, Kenneth Dee 12-16-1936     04-15-1982  
Love, Reubin R. 02-14-1849     01-18-1950  
Luker, Billy Gayle 03-20-1938     10-07-1938 son of Beutel and Idarene Luker
Luker, Idarene 03-15-1918    05-30-2007 wife of Beutel; mother of Billy Gayle
Luker, Ima L. 07-11-1910     09-26-1910 dau of J Thomas and Julia
Luker, J. Thomas 06-12-1884     07-13-1972 husband of Julia E
Luker, Julia E. 08-19-1887     02-10-1933 wife of J Thomas
Luker, Minnie M. 11-25-1901     06-22-1975  
McBrayer, Oliver 01-31-1830     12-04-1880  
McCullough, Henry Elton 08-01-1910     08-24-1910 son of H M and Floye
McCullough, Irma May 07-23-1907     01-02-1934 wife of T F
McDaniel, Adella 05-10-1883     06-18-1949  
McDonald, Elva 03-27-1911     05-22-1979 wife of Johnnie, dau of J H and Lousiana Tunnel Williams
McDonald, Johnnie 07-06-1910     01-09-1974 “Pvt US Army WWII”, husband of Elva
McGuire, Burton 03-08-1878     11-03-1934 husband of Maude
McGuire, Elijah E. 02-15-1886     03-01-1886  son of James M and Margaret
McGuire, James Martin 08-15-1833     03-24-1907 husband of Margaret J, Frontier Texas Ranger, Sgt Company G 30th Texas Cavalry CSA, donated land for Indian Creek Church, also known as ‘Uncle Mart’
McGuire, John T. 1870     1949 husband of Sallie C., son of James Martin and Margaret
McGuire, Lena E. 09-14-1889     01-16-1911 wife of Elisha W.
McGuire, Margaret Jane 07-22-1846     11-26-1917  wife of James Martin, dau of Elisha and Margaret Hutchinson Barcroft
McGuire, Maude 02-25-1876     06-08-1944  wife of Burton, Christian name was Maude Caroline Fritts
McGuire, Sallie C. 1870     1959 wife of John T. S., dau of George and Nancy Montgomery
McManis, M. L. 03-25-1851     03-06-1900  wife of J F
McMillan, Ethel 05-12-1888     08-25-1968 wife of Ross
McMillan, Ross 11-20-1887     08-16-1963 husband of Ethel
Morris, Irene G. 09-09-1917     03-18-1919